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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Port Dickson

Just like any given Sunday to spend with family, decided to celebrate Wai Jean's birthday at Port Dickson. Credits to Yu Jin =) Left around 2p.m. after Justin being the kind soul of fetching us all down there rounded up everyone from their respective houses. Lalala~ To Port Dickson we go...

Guess what time we reached Port Dickson: we didn't -.-' %#()*$#)@!
We kept losing our way, making U-Turns, going up mountains and we ended up in Kuala Pilah to find something to fill up our grumbling stomachs. After that we left once again in our search of Port Dickson with some assistance from kind dragon fruit stall operators. In the end we saw sign boards leading to Port Dickson! Thank HEAVENS! But at the end we still couldn't find the freaking beach and went round and round Seremban town. So we couldn't meet up with Wai Jean and the rest of the gang. From here I'd like to sincerely apologise to WJ for not being able to make it x.x Hope she had a blessed and wonderful birthday =) Too bad me, Jackson, Justin and Walter couldn't be there to share her joy of playing water. Anyway, random pictures when we're heading back from Port Dickson.

Wally showing off his hardworking-ness even if we're on a trip

Notice the middle paragraph? It states:"... his great golden spear...filled with fire...plunged into me several times...penetrated to my entrails...a sweetness so extreme that one could not possibly wish it to stop."

Obviously, Wally went high and started smelling deviously =X
While Jackson, well...he just slept away

Guess who else went high, my new found friend: Yi Ling
Corrupted friends I have xD Juz joking!


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