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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Last Day in S8, SAM

At last I've decided to quit the Self-Abuse-Matriculation/Stress at Maximum program/South Australian Matriculation and am joining the American Degree Program. Reason? US chix are way hotter !!! *drools! Just joking! Hehe, its quite a relieve looking at how my classmates struggle with assignments. I'm having so much fun teasing them with their work piling up and telling them I'm having all the time in the world enjoying every bit of it. Muahahaha!!! Anyway, I do miss my class. Being able to go for a few games of DotA, Foosball and Pool, so fun! We even ranked people and me being the undisputed number 1 in foosball in s8! >=) Too bad I left and now Alan*the kai san* took over my place. Babi, why didn't they do this earlier so I can be top in every game! Just kidding! Ahh..those WERE the times. Oh well, here are some pictures I took during my last day in class. Gonna miss everybit of it.

Mr.Alan showing off his "fail dengan cemerlang" marks =P
The classroom in taylors. Small but comfy. Mr.Sam the physics lecturer with his trademark
teaching habits: Holding a fist and punching against his other palm, Tssstt! * S8 peeps will
get what I meant =)
Our Lecture theatre, the lousier one. Didn't manage to take a pic of the good one since I left
Viva la S8!


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