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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bon Odori and PCD

My blog lives!!!!!!!!! After countless times of procastinating, I'm now back to blogging. Bon odori was held like few weeks ago? I derno..its been a while. Anyway we reached the venue quite late and only managed to catch the dancing part. No jap chix but only jap kids for paedophiles to feast their eyes with =( Wanna try Jap food? Might as well head over to the nearest Jusco Supermart to get it. They were the suppliers that night. Sad sad.. at least there were entertaining stuffs to see looking at how people dress up that night. Cosplay to pyjamas, guess they just got out of bed and head straight for this event without even thinking of ever changing their clothes. They even brought along their pacifier. Respect! Here's how part of the dance is like presented by Yi Ping, Jeffry and Jeremy! Enjoy!
Kindda reminds me of the KungFu Hustle movie where there's the axe gang dancing.

So 2 weeks after bon odori. PUSSYCAT DOLLS CAME! WOOT! HOT! Superbly Sexy! But babi...the concert was like an hour only -.- Some freaking lucky guy got to hold one of the dolls hand and get to meet them up in the pool summore! OMG! I wonder what they did there. Something naughty? HmmMM* Anyway another short video of them performing their latest single buttons! Too bad they didnt wear anything with buttons, couldda went up there and loosen up their buttons if there were any >=) The videos aren't really clear but I suppose you can see them dance. Enjoy!
Overall, the show was . Now if only I was that lucky fella, who knows what I'll do. Muahahaha!!!naughty thougts coming into mind*
- End -

Monday, July 10, 2006

Su Yin's cooking for dinner!

Last Friday, a sudden good idea from me, yes me Jason Lau decided where to head for dinner. Its none other than Su Yin's house to try her German-cooking skills! Jeff helped by chopping ham and cheese in different sizes which includes coming in trapezium la, square la, triangle la. Just kidding, his cutting skill is alright.

The cook Su Yin and her apprentice Jeffry CCC!

Walah! Fresh from the oven. Su Yin's German Pasta.

Jem Jeff Jin Su Yin and me taking the pic.

The food was stupendous! Amazing! The pasta was so cheesy and hammy it blends all together into your mouth creating the most utterly delicous taste that I've ever eaten pasta in my whole 18 years. Suyin Koche Layka!*Suyin's cooking is delicous!* Layka! Oishi! Ichiban! Delicous! Hao Chi! Ho Jiak! Hou Sek! =P

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Destination: Redang!!!

Date: 27th June - 1st July

Left on Thursday 26th June 11.59 pm. I was rather tired and feeling drowsy, hoping I could just sleep in the bus. $#()*@#!!! The bus was so freaking rocky the whole trip I couldn't rest a bit. Even when I was about to shut my eyes, then the lights go up and the driver would go: Rehat! 30 minute! Well, couldn't blame them. It's the World Cup season, the greatest show on earth baby!

Pics while leaving KL:

This is the bus we're on. The seats are quite spacious and comfy not the ride ! Ugh...

Camwhore moment number 1!

Day 1:

The office in Kuala Terengganu. So close to Pulau Redang already! Yay!

For fun!

Omg casualty during the trip. =X JK!

Here we are. Our resort.

Our room.

The inside of our room. *note: Max swirling his thingamajig

The back of the Redang Reef Resort.

A lil chill out spot nearby our room.

The pub/karaoke spot. This is where I started drinking and well...get high! WeeEee~

Day 2:

Snorkel snorkel swim swim. Went to marine park to snorkel and a nearby area to see baby sharks. We weren't afraid of the sharks but instead, we were running away from a freaking big humungous scary yellow fish! So basically when it's in our sight, everyone would panic and start swimming towards shore. But hey, it was a great experience swimming with sharks. So after snorkelling and all, we decided to head up the rocky mountain to take pics. Here they are:

The rocky mountain.

On the way up.

After climbing up a while, was wondering where Terry and Ming went. Upon reaching peak, WTH OMG KNN *any vulgarity u can think off* There they were,sitting on the edge embracing each other. Brokeback MOUNTAIN!!!

Me, Max and Jin later on decided to join them and here's the next latest sequal title to brokeback mountain: GroupBack Mountain.

Posers KLB style.

Day 3:

We were then later joined by Jeremy, Subryne, Marsha and Jem's mum. Thanx a million to Jem's Mum to accomodate us another day in Redang. So we did snorkeling, banana boating and that's all. Here are some pics as well:

Me, Max ,Marsha, Subryne, Jem and Terry

One big family =)

Day 4:
Left Pulau Redang at 10.30 and reached KL around 9 sumthing. Only around 10 we managed to reach home. So that's about it. Had lotsa fun in Pulau Redang. Syok to the maximum.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Last Day in S8, SAM

At last I've decided to quit the Self-Abuse-Matriculation/Stress at Maximum program/South Australian Matriculation and am joining the American Degree Program. Reason? US chix are way hotter !!! *drools! Just joking! Hehe, its quite a relieve looking at how my classmates struggle with assignments. I'm having so much fun teasing them with their work piling up and telling them I'm having all the time in the world enjoying every bit of it. Muahahaha!!! Anyway, I do miss my class. Being able to go for a few games of DotA, Foosball and Pool, so fun! We even ranked people and me being the undisputed number 1 in foosball in s8! >=) Too bad I left and now Alan*the kai san* took over my place. Babi, why didn't they do this earlier so I can be top in every game! Just kidding! Ahh..those WERE the times. Oh well, here are some pictures I took during my last day in class. Gonna miss everybit of it.

Mr.Alan showing off his "fail dengan cemerlang" marks =P
The classroom in taylors. Small but comfy. Mr.Sam the physics lecturer with his trademark
teaching habits: Holding a fist and punching against his other palm, Tssstt! * S8 peeps will
get what I meant =)
Our Lecture theatre, the lousier one. Didn't manage to take a pic of the good one since I left
Viva la S8!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Port Dickson

Just like any given Sunday to spend with family, decided to celebrate Wai Jean's birthday at Port Dickson. Credits to Yu Jin =) Left around 2p.m. after Justin being the kind soul of fetching us all down there rounded up everyone from their respective houses. Lalala~ To Port Dickson we go...

Guess what time we reached Port Dickson: we didn't -.-' %#()*$#)@!
We kept losing our way, making U-Turns, going up mountains and we ended up in Kuala Pilah to find something to fill up our grumbling stomachs. After that we left once again in our search of Port Dickson with some assistance from kind dragon fruit stall operators. In the end we saw sign boards leading to Port Dickson! Thank HEAVENS! But at the end we still couldn't find the freaking beach and went round and round Seremban town. So we couldn't meet up with Wai Jean and the rest of the gang. From here I'd like to sincerely apologise to WJ for not being able to make it x.x Hope she had a blessed and wonderful birthday =) Too bad me, Jackson, Justin and Walter couldn't be there to share her joy of playing water. Anyway, random pictures when we're heading back from Port Dickson.

Wally showing off his hardworking-ness even if we're on a trip

Notice the middle paragraph? It states:"... his great golden spear...filled with fire...plunged into me several times...penetrated to my entrails...a sweetness so extreme that one could not possibly wish it to stop."

Obviously, Wally went high and started smelling deviously =X
While Jackson, well...he just slept away

Guess who else went high, my new found friend: Yi Ling
Corrupted friends I have xD Juz joking!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow

Here's pics of the recent motorshow held at PWTC for boys and girls out there. It's in a album form, so it takes time to load the photos. Please be patient =) *hint: Auto Girls are at the end of the slide show. Move your mouse over to the pictures to see the comments. Enjoy!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Finally, The End

The time has come, to reveal X. Den den den den... She's pure fictional =) Ya know like Da Vinci Code, yea..IMAGINARY baby! Haha... hopefully writing all these posts will help up with my essay. No more emo-ish post for now, gonna update with some Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow pictures for car fans out there and *aherm : Auto Girls! Yup yup! *droolss

Heh, this is me signing off once again